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Creating awesome projects from scratch & launching them straight to the stars

ITP is a full-service software company focused on high-tech solutions for your business. We develop both innovative and time-proven data systems and support the startups willing to test market demand for their services.
ITP team is experienced in design, development, testing, market research, management, and tech support. We’ve got you fully covered on the audacious venture towards a commercially successful product!

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Digitalizating & Automating Business

Digital Transformation

We develop and support all kinds of corporate data systems that speed up the workflow and enhance the performance.

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Outsourcing Services

A well-coordinated and experienced remote team is ready to sit at the helm of your project and get it airborne.

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Extending In-house Teams

ITP offers teams and individual professionals to outstaff. Empower your existing product crew to reach development goals most efficiently.

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Startup Development

We are keen on creating IT solutions that have no analogs existing. Develop an MVP version, cautiously test the market and explore your own blue ocean with the help of our experts.

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Our development process

Drawing up a roadmap

01/ Drawing up a roadmap

Our first steps are gathering data on the project, the market and the potential users. ITP managers collaborate with the client’s team on setting the time frame and the milestones as well as optimizing the budget. We agree on a precise development plan, shake hands and sign the papers.

02/ Drawing the blueprints

This is a key stage where we lay the basis of how the system will function and interact with the user. Designers, IT architects, and engineers are busy plotting data architecture and user-specific scenarios, creating detailed concepts and prototypes.

03/ Development

The project team works hard on translating your idea into a real and functioning product, being sure to follow the best industry practices and guidelines. We carry out progress demonstrations regularly and do our best to make the development process crystal clear for the client

04/ Flight testing

No product can be ready for a launch without precise testing. We make the system go through various tests, high-load sessions, and sophisticated user scenarios to identify and cover the risk zones.

05/ Ready at runway

That long-awaited moment! We proudly pass control to the client’s team and help and guide them during the launch.

06/ Further services

After the launch, we still keep in touch with the client’s team. We maintain the system, handle any issues and welcome feedback.


Custom CRM system for a consulting company


WhatsAPP Business automation system

End-to-end booking app (Resort IT-ecosystem)


Chief Technology Officer from the client’s team

Developing and implementing a new CRM fueled by the latest data processing technologies has enhanced our performance, accelerated error handling and opened new opportunities. I would like to highlight ITP’s well-structured working processes, clear and fair costs, detailed reports and presentations at the end of each sprint. Fast and decent tech support during the implementation process has helped each member of our team to start using the new CRM quickly and painlessly.

Business owner, our honorable client

With the help of ITP our data has been carefully transferred to a custom cloud infrastructure and an external IT department now takes care of the company’s needs. It is an important strategic decision that ensures our stability and growth potential for the upcoming decade, and I am grateful for such a reliable partner as ITP.

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