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End-to-end booking app (Resort IT-ecosystem)

Application for automation of ski resort services

All in one ecosystem: automated processes of booking and payment for accommodation, renting ski equipment, making purchases in the online shop, and others. Set of applications and services for business owners: inventory management, ordering regular services like cleaning and plumbing, etc.


Team from ITP
Client’s crew
Frontend Developer

Senior FrontEnd developer

Set up the frontend - Angular + Ionic, UX/UI, adaptive layout

Backend Developer

2 BackEnd developers (Senior and Middle)

Asp.Net Web API + Cosmos DB, maximized the performance

Backend Developer

Project manager

Sprint/milestones planning, release dates. Managing the workflow in Slack and Jira

Business owner

Full stack developer

Tech team support, integrations with existing apps and services

Tech support Engineer


Deadlines and milestones, planned and managed the budget

Tech support Engineer

Business owner

Tasks prioritization in accordance with the company’s needs and goals

1 / 6


Launched an MVP and successfully completed the test exploitation period

First the fully-functional product launched 3 months after MVP

Increasing сonnected Web and Mobile Applications

Improving the integrated client IT ecosystem



Launched an MVP, monitoring, test exploitation
3 months
Fully-functional product launch
3 months
External applications extension
2 month
Upgrading IT ecosystem
4 month

Technology stack

  • FrontEnd: HTML, CSS, Angular, Ionic
  • BackEnd: Asp.Net Web API, C#, Azure Cloud services, Cosmos DB
Tools for case CRM
Heights that helped to conquer in case Bloom

Impact on the customer’s performance

  • Well-functioning service ecosystem 30 web and 8 mobile applications
  • Failover and cost-effective workflows Cloud infrastructure with Microservices design
  • Wide range of integrations 150+ shops. We were not creating a boxed solution, but a SaaS that made it easy to connect new customers (shops)


  • Designed microservice architecture with low integrity that allowed component deployments with minimal impact on overall system
  • Employment peculiarities of custom eCommerce/shop connectors
  • Marketplace structure required a detailed study of commissions, deposits, refunds system and other necessary services
  • Implementation of an Interface with multiple roles: Marketplace owner, Merchant, Customer
  • The need to apply multi-country taxation and accounting
Turbulence zones that have passed in case Bloom
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