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UQREW is a hybrid of a labor exchange and a social network for the construction industry in the USA, Mexico and Canada. Employers seek workers in required locations with needed skills and experience. Employees get to choose the most suitable and well-paid jobs and projects. Win-win!

Our client who owns UQREW is a successful construction and repair company from the US. Their initial goal was to automate their own processes and easily hire workers across the country. However, UQREW solves the challenge that’s important for the whole industry. Therefore, the service has entered the international market, is rapidly growing and bringing profit.

Web application

A website with mobile and desktop layouts

Mobile application

A handy app available for iOS and Android


ITP crew
Client’s crew
Project Manager

Project Manager

Planning and coordination, Slack and Jira

Backend Developer

Backend Developer

ASP.NET core + mssql, project and database architecture, API, performance

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

Angular + ionic, frontend, UI/UX, adaptivity

QA Engineer

QA Engineer

Performance across all web and mobile platforms

Business owner

Business Owner

Deadlines, milestones and budget planning, regular demonstrations and feedback

Product Manager

Product Manager

Coordinating and prioritizing in accordance with the company’s needs and goals

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Fixing the critical issues in UQREW 1.0, the previous release developed by another team

Reviewing legacy code and offering the client possible development strategies, estimating deadlines and budget

Reverse engineering the old web and mobile apps, optimizing data structure

Developing the new version on a modern technology stack, meeting the requirements of the business

Transferring existing business data into the new system

Running the test exploitation period and launching the product into production



Fixing the critical issues in UQREW 1.0
4 months
Launching UQREW 1.0. Supporting, releasing minor upgrades, testing and improving user scenarios
6 months
Working on UQREW 2.0. Transferring the product to the modern technology stack, improving the database performance
6 months
Launching UQREW 2.0 into production. Continuously adding new features in accordance with the business’ goals
In progress

Technology stack

  • Azure SQL + Blob storage
  • Domain logic layer ASP.NET, open-source web framework for .NET 5
  • Modern frontend stack (Angular 11)
  • Hybrid mobile applications (Ionic 5)
  • External integrations: delivery and post services, maps, external authorization means
Technology stack
Heights that helped to conquer in case UQREW

Impact on the customer’s performance

  • 88% of the technical debt has been settled ITP team fixed the most critical issues, improved app stability and prepared it to the release
  • the new product version has been launched in 4 months We expeditiously launched the application into production and started to gather feedback and form the backlog for the next upgraded version
  • the service gathered 200 job offers during the test period Other key indicators have also been reached: 100 locations, 50 employees, 10 employers


  • Taking over the project in a critical condition. Teams from Ukraine and India had been working on it for a year with no progress and left an enormous technical debt behind. Our team has been able to cover 88% of it in a month.
  • Fitting into the tight schedule: we had a month to create more than 20 layouts and redesign the mobile app.
  • During that month we also implemented all necessary mobile app features: PUSH notifications, external authorization, multilingual interface. Delivered the app to Google Play and App Store.
Turbulence zones that have passed in case UQREW
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